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That's how much money my words have made for my clients.

In fact, I'd say that's a safe LOW number on the amount of dollars my real estate investing skills have made for myself and my clients.


"Get your Seat Now For This Live Transformative Event"

June 1 Charleston SC

June 6 Columbia SC

June 7 Florence SC

June 10,11 Bootcamp SC

June 15 Jacksonville Fl

June 24, 25 Jacksonville FL


Robert Woodruff is a National Speaker and Mentor on Real Estate Investing. Author of "How to Find Killer Deals" & "The Keys To Cash Flow" along with Founder of NorthAmerican Real Estate Investor Association. Robert has been investing in Real Estate for 20 years and now is "retired" and spends two months a year teaching others how to "retire" off of cash-flow from real estate investing.

Robert has an ongoing blog at and video series that provides tips, proven strategies, & guaranteed methods to new and advanced investors. Robert will teach you how to find single family houses, commercial buildings, mobile homes, and mobile home parks and acquire these properties with little to no money or credit.

In this one day live event, Robert will show you 51 Ways to find motivated sellers and share with you successful and unsuccessful marketing that he used to build his real estate empire.

You Will learn…

How to  locate and identify motivated sellers
Marketing  strategies that cost pennies on the dollar and guaranteed to make your phone ring off the hook
How to talk to a motivated seller and find out what information you need from them
Where to find distressed properties, determine how to deal with any issues and how to discover whether this property is right for you.
Negotiate a lower purchase price, over the phone, without ever seeing the property
Scripting needed to talk to a motivated seller and how to get the information you need out of them


This one day Live event will reveal real estate investing secrets of that have proven over and over again to be successful in finding, funding and increasing your real estate portfolio.  Remove barriers to your success now...... Invent a new mindset for financial security and prosperity. Learn how to plant seeds and start reaping success!